Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Chez Gigi - Raye Black Leather Jacket and Pants

As sometimes happens, a lead to a store let us discover something even more interesting than the original item.

Ann, a regular reader we often chat with at MD, was wearing a red leather jacket with the shine turned waaaay up ;) It looked pretty good, so I asked, and she pointed me to Gigi's.

The store is simply huge. We saw quite a lot of good fashions, including very inexpensive boots, but Raye jumped out at me.

It’s an eighties-style leather outfit, and it reminded me of some of the wilder North Beach Leather designs: it’s very elegant, and a bit over the top :)

The top and pants are mesh, with five sizes included. The XXSmall is the one that fit me best. Three alphas (top only, bottom only, and full body) let you mix and match the parts.

The shine is really gorgeous in front, a bit more muted in the rear. The pants are very long, so you’ll want to give some attention to your footwear, either pumps or ankle boots (I’m wearing Bax with the top part removed here).

So wear your biggest hair, put on some Genesis, and party like it’s 1983 :)

By now you should know what happens when Mistress sees a good piece of leather clothing, yep she’s on it in seconds.

That’s what happened here and before i knew it we were visiting the store, now store is a bit of a big word i would say.

The store filled to the roof and even the outside walls are full of vendors, so finding things is a bit of an adventure.

But between all the confusion you can find quite a few gems like for instance Raye Mistress is showing here.

So got some spare time? Go and explore Gisele’s store, it’s worth it and the prices are pretty affordable, just tell people where you went so you can be found. *winks*

Name : Chez Gigi
Owner : Gisele Grizot
The SLURL : http://SLURL.com/secondlife/MIA/199/108/23

Quality9 8
Price9 9
Service9 -

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