Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hugo's Design - Flyer


There’s something about latex and spaceships and space stations. In SL, at least, and in a few other places, it seems.

Presenting Hugo’s latest release, Flyer - clearly a flight uniform for your fleet of supermodel spaceship pilots.

The four tattoo layers give you closed everything and open everything, in shorts and chaps versions.

If you want open top and closed bottom, the clothes layers are for you.

This is one of Hugo’s mostly-black-with-a-splash-of-color designs. Add black matching boots and you’re set.

I might have liked long gloves with this one, the color stripes on the upper arms would have looked good.

Lolas! Tango appliers are sold separately. Strap a blaster to your thigh, grab a helmet and see how fast you can do the Kessel run, or whatever ;)

It’s high time we got back to our core business, latex, but this is Hugo’s so there isn’t much of it, but still it good stuff.

Flyer gives you 4 choices, open or closed top, closed one is shown in the back shot *winks* and shorts or chaps.

As you might expect you’ll get this in every possible layer there is available, including the quick wear tattoo layer.

You also get matching gloves but for a change there aren’t any stockings included with this one.

The Lolas appliers are sold separately and gives you the option of the closed, open or pasties top for your bigguns.

Name : Hugo's Design
Owner : Erik Hugo

Quality8 8
Price8 7
Service8 8
Store8 8

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