Thursday, September 5, 2013

Domina’s Duo - High Elegance Latex Boots and Elegance Gloves

Our friend LatexLadyLL Gallicia was just telling me about these gloves and boots - if I name anyone as tipster tonight, it’s her :)

We’re showing you two separate Domina’s Duo products here, by the way. Tawny tells me a combo pack is available at the store and will soon be on Marketplace.

The thigh boots are named High Elegance Latex, to avoid confusion with the knee-high Elegance boots; the gloves are just Elegance Gloves Latex - there’s no wrist-length version ;)

The gloves have lots of good folds in texture, and a few matching folds in mesh; clever trompe-l’oeil matches them together to produce a good depth effect - but maybe a few more folds than tight-fitting latex would have.

Beautiful designs, not expensive considering all you get.

You know, between DD and DeVicious texture HUD's, I'm starting to see the death of the single-color item coming.

There was a rumour going around that the girls as Domina’s Duo were working on some new gloves, and after we had seen them working on a first prototype we weren't surprised.

The thing that pleasantly surprised us was the fact that with the new latex gloves we also received the High Elegance Boots in a latex version.

So a nice double whammy tonight, boots and matching gloves, how can you go wrong?

The sizing of the boots is like the leather version and there is a free demo pack available. The included HUD gives you a choice of 24 latex textures and lets you color all the other parts of the boots.

The gloves give you the same textures in their own HUD, but here you don’t have any parts to color.

Great set can be worn over a latex catsuit or with a bikini.. your choice… *winks*

Name : Domina’s Duo
Owners : Tawny Mirror and Gina Lurra

Quality9 9
Price8 8
Service9 7
Store9 7

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