Tuesday, September 17, 2013

DSYS - Latex Dissemination Device

We saw a cute latex avatar at Mesmerize Dungeon, and followed it up to its creator, Maxwell Desider.

It turns out that it was part of a set, so to speak.

The Latex Dissemination Device is a fiendish, diabolical, mad science RLV machine.

It captures unwary (relay equipped, RLV active) passers-by, dips them in a swirling bath of colored latex, and turns them into various adorable latex furries.

Being forced into latex sounded like just the thing for one of our friends.. a quick call without too many explanations, and our dear LatexLady was a tan rubber raccoon :)

If you’re curious, I’m the pink bunny and lelo is the blue foxy - all random, of course.

The avatars are cute, but the mouth and other orifices leaking lube show clearly what they’re intended for - this ain’t disneyland mascot time ;)

This is another of those “drop in a busy fetish spot” toys that should make a really fun party - turn off name display for added fun!

*squeak* a fun little toy tonight or should i say machine, no matter what you call it the best part of it is that it’s free.

So what does a Latex Dissemination Device do, well simply put it makes SL a more shiny, cuddly and squeaky place.

You will have to have an active RLV relay to be captured by this machine, when that happens you are emerged in a shiny gue…

And a few seconds later you’ll reappear as a lovely latex animal, there is a choice of 11 animals that are select at random as is the color of the latex fur.

You can set which type of animal can be selected as can you set the gender of the beastie, you can also set the time you’ll be forced into your new skin, max setting is 10.000 days!!!

Go get yours and make SL a friendlier, shinier place… ohh did we mention they are free!!

Name : DSYS
Owner : Maxwell Desideri
The Marketplace URL : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DSYS-Latex-Dissemination-Device/5221679

Quality9 9
Price10 10

1 comment:

  1. This was quite fun and I make a pretty good raccoon, if i do say so myself.

    The actual animation in the device and the sense of being enveloped in nice squishy latex was very good.