Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Slink - Vixen Catsuit

We dropped by Twisted Orchid for Twisted Woodstock, fastidiously avoided the mud pit (well, it *was* raining inside) and sat to yak and watch the dancers, when a fan of the blog said hello.

It’s always nice to hear that people enjoy our modest efforts, but it’s especially cool in person. Not only did Kianna say she reads us, but she’s been following us pretty much since she’s been in Second Life. Clearly a person of good taste and discernment :)

She was wearing excellent leather pants, and we followed them to Slink, a store we didn’t know. One day I may get bored of saying that, but we’re not there yet.

The pants did look good but the Vixen catsuit looks even better, so here we are ;) This is one of the best shines I’ve seen so far. The upturned (prim) collar doesn’t hurt things one bit, either.

There are included prim feet matching the outfit, with the option of keeping or removing the heels. The shape didn’t grab me - I’m notoriously picky about boots - but they’re clearly illustrated in the vendor pic, so you’ll have no bad surprises.

The catsuit is in all clothes layer (but no tattoo), and stockings and gloves are included. A hud controls invisiprims and heels, as well as resizing.

The price is not the lowest we’ve seen, but there is a fair bit in the box.

Two new shops in a row, well almost just a doll place in the middle, tonight we have a lovely shiny catsuit by Siddean Munro from Slink.

Slink offers quite a collection of hair, shoes and apparel, she even has elven ears and all that under one curvy roof.

The catsuit caught our eye with it’s classic, say Wilma Deering (yes i’m that old), look, the shine is more like spandex than rubber or latex.

You can get the catsuit in metallic teal, red, black, cyborg blue, white, gold, grey, rose and ruby.

The prim collar is a nice add-on and nicely balances out the deep zippered cleavage.

You also get a HUD that controls the choice of stocking feet, shoe or your lovely Linden feet.

So great stuff well worth a visit even if it’s only to see the lovely building… *winks*

Name : Slink
Owners : Siddean Munro

Price7 7
Service- -
Store8 8

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