Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sunshine Technology - Deluxe Mesh Mittens

We got a call from Emma about certain updated mittens - would we be interested in having a peek?

It turns out we certainly would ;)

These are quite an improvement over the previous ST mittens; so much that Emma offers a free update.

You know we don’t usually point to Marketplace, but you should definitely have a peek at the mittens there to appreciate the variety of textures you get.

(You’ll need to be logged in, it’s an adult item.)

The mittens look really good, and would suit puppy play as well as general leather bondage. First thing lelo pointed out to me were the cool little padlocks on the inside wrist part. Love that attention to detail :)

Visit Emma’s store and note the handsome URL giver right in the entrance - that’s one point on store rating right there ;)

fdh;lie’;odsz[ie’;lfds;kenf√≥… darn these things are hard to type with *winks*

An update of a fun little toy we featured some months ago, the mittens from Emma at Sunshine Technology.

We usually don’t feature updates, but this one was too good to let slip by, first as the mitten is now all nice and meshy.

Secondly because of the great update offer that Emma is planning, a free update to the mesh leather mitten for the customers who bought the old version.

And to top that you can upgrade the leather mesh version too the deluxe for around 50 L$, how’s that for a great deal.

All the old RLV goodies are still in place as are the texturing options, though with the deluxe you get a lot more of them.

So go get yours if you haven’t already and if you have the old ones, keep an eye on her store for the update.

Name : Sunshine Technology
Owner : EmmaSunshine

Price9 8
Service8 8
Store7 7


  1. When wearing the old mittens you should be prompted that there is an update available. Go into the [About] Menu, click "Get Update" and you'll be sent the update object.

    The update object has a menu item to give the boxed mesh mittens.

    If you have any problems give me a shout :)

  2. Wow, that was simple enough even I didn't break it, and the new mittens are fantastic, thanks! Now I just have to resist the texture pack..... :)