Thursday, October 24, 2013

Graves - Pride and Divinity

Some unusual pieces from Graves tonight, I’m wearing Pride and lelo is modeling Divinity.

Pride is a maxi-length coat with a generous décolleté - for when you want to be warm, but not *too* warm, you know? ;)

This one is the Red version, meaning that it has red cuffs and collar on the Graves black hex.

Some very neat jewelry comes with the Pride outfit; a tribal-looking necklace, and matching earrings - I haven’t seen earrings included in an outfit in a while except from Jackie.

There’s no top under the coat, except an alpha. The included tattoo-layer hex tights (or fishnets, if you like) and panties are it.

The panties are called a slip in the box, and there’s a top and bottom part to them, in all layers. You’ll want to wear both parts for that high-waist look. A pair of of black hex wrist gloves (not shown) is also included.

As all long mesh coats and dresses, seated poses are mostly not kind to Pride, but if you find one that keeps your legs firmly together down to the ankles, you can risk it.

A good-looking outfit, striking and original - maybe just the thing for standing around in hangouts? You’ll find occasions to wear it, I’m sure :)

I’m wearing Divinity by Graves tonight, and also showing you the Lolas Tango applier that is sold separately.

The outfit comes with all layers included and offers you the option to wear the dress with or without a trademark hex latex smokey layer under it.

By wearing multiple layers you can darken the latex layer and make it less transparent and more suited for PG areas.

As before Jackie includes a load of prim buckles and in this case a nose/ear chain, to give the outfit that little extra.

The nipple stripes are in the jacket layer and of course are included as an option for the Lolas.

The dress is offered in black and white and the Lolas Tango applier works for both versions, so buy one get one free… *winks*

Name : Graves
Owner : Jackie Graves

Quality8 8
Price8 8
Service8 8
Store8 8

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