Wednesday, October 23, 2013

LaVa - KinkyBoots

Everybody's going for those kinky boots, kinky boots,
(boop, boop)
Kinky boots... see the rest here
Patrick Macnee and Honor Blackman (seriously!) 

How’s that for vintage? ;) Kinky boots have been around a while, and LaVa just jumped into the ring with a very decent offering, featuring a very high platform and heel laceup knee-high.

While they require a bit of adjustment, the included script gives you a lot of options in that direction.

Lelo figured out immediately that XYZ was proportional resize, but there is also resizing in all axes, one at a time or in pairs - you’re smart, you don’t need the permutations spelled out.

The colors are slightly darker in world than the vendor pics suggest. They look good, but don’t be looking for pastel, this ain’t it.

Excellent details on the boot include an inside-calf zipper and authentic textured laces.

Just cause we love you so much, here’s a fun fan-made video with the Avengers’ (the original team!) Kinky Boots song:

Some lovely fetish boots tonight we found at Latexania Valeska’s store LaVa.

I’m sure these boots are modeled after Pleaser Boots and that’s a good thing i do love the boots Pleaser makes and yes they also have ballets. *winks*

With the boots you’ll get a smart little heel sound HUD that should work with all your silent shoes and boots.

As Mistress already told you the resizing is done by the script inside the boot, which can be deleted when you are done to keep your local sim server happy, just keep a copy of the boots for when you shapeshift.

The boots come in violet, red, white, black, blue, green, yellow, lime, mint, orange and pink, and have that great latex shine we all love so much. *smiles*

Name : LaVa
Owner : Latexania Valeska

Quality8 8
Price8 8
Service8 8
Store7 7

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