Monday, October 21, 2013

KDC - Vacuum System

Are you ready for torture? S&M? Horrible abuse, we’re-talking-Amnesty-International-stuff here? Introducing… the Vacuuming chore by KDC ;)

Now this is not a bondage bench you just put down and it’s ready to use, I’ll tell you right now.

But the setup looks worse than it really is. One run through and you’ll get it. Which doesn’t help you *beforehand*, but that’s the way of the world ;)

As the system owner, you have a bit of setting up to do. Fortunately Kyrah gives good documentation and a step-by-step for getting started.

Basically you'll rez and name a room controller. Using it, you’ll rez and name an object that will let you define the area to vacuum. Your victim does a first run of cleaning, and you’re set.

I’ll mention that the vacuum rezzes from the holder, so you don’t look for it when you unpack the box.

The whole system takes up 15 prims once in place, so it should be usable in the smallest skybox without putting you over your limit. The items themselves are handsome and nicely detailed.

Lelo assures me there are legions of maids eagerly awaiting this toy, and I believe her; as she pointed out, I am clearly not the target audience of this excellent torture device.

Here’s something new from Kyrah at KDC, something to keep your maid out of trouble when you aren’t in SL, or get her into trouble when you get back. *winks*

Introducing the KDC Vacuum System, as with most KDC things, she has kept the system very easy to use, just pick up the vacuum and klick to turn it on.

If it runs out of power, yes it’s cordless, just place it back in its holder and it will recharge itself.

Is the cleaner full, just take it to the included dustbin and empty it into it, by, yes you guessed it, clicking on the dustbin.

Then there is the evil overlord, aka the room manager that will indicate the cleanness of the room in the form of a green bar, which will haunt good little maids in their sleep. *smiles*

Having said this, Kyrah explained the science behind the system, all sciency like, with nodes and percentages, suffice it to say it works and even checks under the sofa, so no cutting corners with this system.

So put your girl or boy in your favourite maids uniform and let the room manager keep them on their toes, if the ballets aren’t enough for that.. oops personal fantasy slipping through…

Anyway KDC Vacuum System gives you a busy maid and a clean house, what more could you wish for.

Name : KDC
Owner : Kyrah Abattoir

Quality9 9
Price8 8
Service9 8
Store8 8

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