Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kcreations - Carmen Mistress Dress

A gorgeous long dress from Kcreations tonight, in the style that Crazy Outfits sells, and Heike made famous ;)

Kat drops by to chat with us when she has time (*and* she’s awake, we’re on at an inconvenient time for her) and she tells us about the tools she uses to make realistic reflections on her textures.

I listen, and nod, and wish I knew more about those things. She knows, so maybe that’s good enough.

You can read the details she shares in her blog : http://katfetisov.wordpress.com/2013/10/18/carmen-mistress-dress-release/

The result of her painstaking work this time, aside from the obvious great dress, is an authentic-looking zipper down the back of the leather texture.

As usual, she sells her work at about a third of what I’d expect to pay. I sure hope she makes it up on volume. Show Kat some love, hm? ;)

Kat has been playing with mesh again and we are left with a long long dress, a lovely long long dress i may add.

In the lovely little bag, which looks better than some of the outfits we find, you’ll get the dress in 5 sizes, an alpha layer, the textures of both the lower and upper alpha and a HUD.

Kat made the alpha a bit short so you have legs going into the dress, but if you have pony calves like i have, you’ll have to wear a bigger size. *blushes*

The HUD gives you the possibility to not only change the color of your dress but you can also select if you want it in leather, like Mistress is wearing or latex worn by yours truly.

The dress suffers the same problem as every long dress in SL, so be careful which AO you use and where you sit.

Still at this price with all these colors in two materials… how can your wardrobe live without it. *winks*

Name : Kcreations
Owner : Kat Fetisov
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lineside/129/238/597

Quality9 9
Price9 9
Service9 8
Store8 8

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