Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Liquid Mind Creations - ZG-0065 and ZGCY-0011

While shopping at Yggdrasill mall, we found Liquid Mind and these cool science-fiction outfits. I’m wearing the red ZG-0065, and lelo is wearing ZGCY(borg!)-0011.

The red one is strongly reminiscent of Asuka’s plugsuit in Neon Genesis Evangelion, but the detail of the markings in black and red is different.

The 0065 suit is four clothes-layers parts: gloves, stockings, shirt and pants. A Lolas! Tango applier box is included.

I added my red Bax ankle boots - the Venitian red matches fairly closely.

A good-looking, simple outfit, with good shine and nicely detailed markings.

Sci-fi is a hair from fetish, as usual ;)

Time for some sci fi catsuits by Zugg at Liquid Mind Creations tonight.

This is roleplay gear, so don’t expect any scripting in them, still only the lazy do ball hopping in SL, the real fun lies in a good bit of roleplaying.

The folder was surprisingly empty after the overfilled folders we got used to by the likes of Creepy or Hugo’s.

Still this isn’t a bad thing, you get what you buy and there is no need to try and figure all the parts out.

So what do you get, well with the ZGCY-0011 you get a skin, a prim helmet and a shape, that i didn’t use as i do love little old lelo. *winks*

I added the Kcreation pony boots, which work great with the overall look of the outfit.

I love the look of the shiny helmet, which fit me from the box, my nose sticks out a bit, but with the silver skin it’s more like a feature on the helmet. *smiles*

Now get the outfit, switch to binary and have some fun...

Name : Liquid Mind Creations
Owner : Zugg Resident


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