Thursday, October 31, 2013

Creepy’s Fetish Wear - Rubberdemon Reloaded

We usually space posts about the same store in time, but Sancho’s an old friend who came back (see “prodigal son”) and he had this great demon outfit, this is Hallowe’en - I just couldn’t pass it up :)

Faithful readers and people who use our label system will remember (or find) our October 2009 Rubber Demon - a new rubberdemon four years later is not excessive.

There’s a lot of parts to the new Rubberdemon but no cape - I poked a bit of fun at Sancho over that one ;) - but you do get some very good spiky mesh  boobies.

The colors are pretty dark; I had to bring our spotlights up close for the pics, so expect blacker blacks and reds unless you use face lights.

The outfit went on with nearly no adjusting, except to the top-of-the-head piece. I’m wearing the medium boots, dark red and shiny. The horns are suitably demonic in black and red.

This is not a Hallowe’en cheapie, but you do get a lot in the box. Add some glowy red eyes and go scare little children ;)

Another reloaded oldie by Sancho at Creepy’s Fetish wear, which we just had to show you as it’s fresh off the assembly line and it ties in with Hallowe'en.

As with the Rubberslave, the demon comes with a lovely black and red catsuit in underwear layer, a tattoo layer hood and some matching gloves, leaving only your feet exposed.

Feet that get hidden by the mesh overknee boots in matching colors and 5 sizes making them fit most avatars.

The spiky nippled mesh breasts look very good, and together with the spikes on the shoulders make the midsection of the outfit.

Most prim parts go on your head, including goggles, a skull ridge, a rubbery pony tail and two big horns, that should make it more than demonically for you.

Final item is an Open Collar, collar serving all the subbie needs you might have, not that this outfit gives you that look.

Happy Hallowe’en to those who are celebrating it and for everyone else, hold on it’s almost time for the weekend. *winks*

Name : Creepy´s Fetish Wear
Owner : Sancho Watanabe

Quality8 8
Price8 8
Service9 8
Store8 7

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