Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Marianne’s Boutique - Odessa and Marla

Another old friend we haven’t featured in ages, we caught Marianne in the middle of a move and she still took time to show us her latest release, Odessa.

And since you’d get tired of seeing lelo naked eventually, we went to see the new store and I got her the Marla dress in pink :)

Odessa is a cool leather outfit with bunches of good straps and laces and bare skin. Actually, not really bare; you’ll note a cool healthy glow on my skin here and there, courtesy of Odessa.

And if you’re anywhere near a light source, you’ll see that any lighter part of the body glows a lot harder than it used to in old viewers.

Do visit Marianne’s new store, we have the new slurl here and in older posts (lelo’s good that way), and have a peek around the store for freebies - I’ll give you one name to help, “Valerie” - have fun :)

Woohoo i’m wearing the dress tonight, which comes out of the latex collection at Marianne’s boutique.

You won’t be surprised that the folder of Marla is pretty empty, just a top, some pants and a prim skirt, but this is one more example of less is more.

You might know that i’m a sucker for prim skirts like this, i just love the way they move when you walk.

The dress comes in pink, gold, silver, red, purple and baby blue so there should be a color suiting your taste.

The cut of the dress is very skimpy and in this pink it’s a bimbo must-have, so run but be careful in those high heels. *winks*

Name : Marianne's Boutique
Owner : Marianne Breguet

Price9 9
Service9 8
Store8 8

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