Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ponka - Valkyrie Boots

We have a few ways to keep track of the stores we love. (While we’d love to sit here and get cool new designs rain down on us from on high so we could take our pick, the fact is that most posts you see in our blog are the result of a good bit of detective work.)

One of the aforementioned ways is to keep an eye on our designers’ blogs. Sure enough, a peek at Beponka’s blog this weekend showed us that she has hopped on the Phat Azz wagon (fans take note!). It also showed us the beautiful Valkyrie boots.

Valkyrie are rigged mesh with a clever leather folds texture. I particularly like the area around the back of the knee - very nice work there.

The foot shape is a very current platform and extreme heel look. I want to say hidden platform for the shape, but the line is clearly defined, so yes and no.

The boots are not expensive if you get one color at a time, and the fatpack is a decent deal, but I am getting spoiled by mesh color-changer HUD’s lately.

Beponka just recently re-worked her store, and the new look is very clean and modern. Do drop by and see her new lines - she’s not just a latex maker anymore :)

Some lovely mesh boots tonight, made by Beponka at Ponka Designs.

The boots come in 5 sizes and run a bit small, so better check the demo before you buy.

Beponka has gone for an extra level of difficulty by letting your legs show through laces on the back of the boots, great effect but it does make fitting a little bit harder.

Great upside of this way of working is that you can see for instance the nylons you are wearing or at least bits of a tattoo you have on your legs.

The boots come in black carbon, black leather, black satin, brown leather, pink leather, rainbow, red leather and white leather, something for everyone i would think.

I'm wearing the black carbon in the first picture, must be the first time it see carbon used for boots, i love the look and they should go great with a Graves outfit.
There is also a fat pack available, don’t get confused by the fun striped boot in the line up, it’s the fatpack.. *smiles*

Name : Ponka
Owner : Beponka Nirvana
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Strawberry%20Fields/65/78/24

Quality8 7
Price8 8
Service8 7
Store9 8

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