Wednesday, November 27, 2013

AtaMe - Lana and Vamp

A nip by Latexia Space Station told us there were some new Atame releases, so we made a beeline for Milu’s nice new store and picked up Lana and Vamp - I’m wearing Lana.

I love sleeveless catsuits, they have a retro feel or je ne sais quoi. And of course long gloves give you that nearly covered up look.

Lana is cut pretty much as far as it goes, both in front and back, to the point that I had to break out my little PG heart.

The contrasting floral pattern on the front is a great touch, drawing the eye in an otherwise fairly simple design.

The shine on the color versions looks good, using tints to avoid a solid mass of color. I wore the orange and pink, and there’s also a black version of Lana.

Some great latex tonight, two sexy catsuits coming from Milu at AtaMe.

Mistress is wearing Lana with the extreme decollete’s and i’m wearing Vamp, in which people will love to see you go. *winks*

The outfit is good old fashioned clothes-layer and comes in all layers, including the quick dress tattoo layer.

Amazingly the Lolas applier is included in the set, Milu is breaking with an SL tradition here. *smiles*

You never can have too many catsuits and in SL you can even afford them, lets hope Milu keeps up giving us lovely designs like these.

Name : AtaMe
Owner : Milu Laval

Quality8 7
Price7 8
Service8 7
Store8 8

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