Thursday, November 28, 2013

New Page - Fetish Malls

They’re lag fests, sometimes labyrinthine, sometimes clean and easy to navigate. Sometimes they’re around a big store, sometimes they’re just rows of booths.

I’m talking about malls, of course.

A spot in a good mall remains a great way for a Second Life Designer to be seen, and in particular to display their newest items and lure shoppers to their main store.

There are old malls, fixtures of SL that have been around for years and years; Latexia Space Station, say. Others are built around a club, like Venustus mall, or Rubber Room.

Malls need traffic, so they’ll usually be around a big draw, like Bondage Ranch.

Big malls have waiting lists, but small malls will solicit designers, to the point that we often see profiles saying “no mall invitations”.

Events draw people to clubs and to the attached malls, benefitting the stores - smart malls can take advantage of those.

A good mall layout makes it easy to browse quickly and even try things like furniture and poses.

You can spot something unexpected in a mall; Marketplace, in contrast, is for finding something specific. A good mix of content makes an interesting browse.

You can also meet people in malls - that’s where I met lelo, at the Desperation Isle mall, *ahem ahem* years ago ;)

We’re starting a page tonight, listing the fetish malls we know, and we’re sending an invitation to all our readers and friends: tell us about any fetish-themed malls we don’t have in our list.

We’re even making it a contest, with a serious prize - we’ll announce it as soon as we decide what it is. Suggestions welcome.

A few contest rules

1- You must tell us about fetish-themed mall, not just plain clothes

2- It can’t already be on the page - you must check before sending it in

Send IM’s to lelo recreant in world. We’re nowhere near capped, so no worries.

The Fetish Mall page :

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