Thursday, November 7, 2013

Moyet - Corset Dress Multicolor

Our friend Arsinoë has been away for some months but I stopped by her store and loved the little black dress - well, mesh, multicolor, tons of options little dress so I picked it up.

The HUD turns this dress into a number of possible color combinations- for fun I made a lime green dress with red collar and corset - all possible, not all good ;)

The shape is not based on the five standard sizes we often see in mesh clothing. As a result, I ended up with a pretty generous bust.

The red and black combo suggests Starfleet to me, for some reason. Hey, if you’re not a nerd, what are you doing in SL? ;)

The gloss is pretty spectacular on mesh - lots of curves and reflective surfaces, I guess. My pic is with gloss off, but a pink dress with high gloss looks like pink chrome :)

There are nipple piercings, hidden in my pic, but controlled from the HUD: show-hide, and metal colors.

Aside from being a little short, this is a fun mesh dress for a pretty reasonable price.

A lovely Mesh corset dress, by 577 Moyet aka Arsinoë, tonight, i guess she didn’t think that name entirely through. *winks*

The dress comes in 5 sizes, but better get the demo before you buy, we all know how mesh can be.

Next to that you can remove the top and skirt part of the dress, leaving you with a corset.

The removing is done by the included HUD, which also lets you change the color of the separate parts, there are 8 fashionable colors to choose from.

So looking for a job in a starship that will stay unnamed, here’s your sixties inspired, too short dress uniform. *smiles*

Name : Moyet
Owner : 577 Moyet (Arsinoë)

Quality8 8
Price8 7
Service8 7
Store8 8

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