Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Latex Station - Glass Cage

A new item from Latex Station, this lovely bondage toy is simply called the Glass Cage.

There are two versions, one with the “Latex Station” text etched in the glass, and the other sporting the LS logo.

The poses are good, there are a ton of different colors both for the glass and the frame, which you can multiply by six glass effects (“spatter” is a little ominous) - making a cage that will suit most environments, I’d say.

RLV toys is definitely a new area for Latex Station, but there may be more coming.

Cindy is cooperating with Mija Perfferle, of Deviant and Bizarre, who we featured in August, and it’s possible that we’ll see more but I can’t discuss that yet ;)

A not-inexpensive toy, but it does a lot, looks good, and doesn’t eat up your prim allocation. Bondage bunnies early Christmas gift, perhaps. If they’ve been super good, you understand.

Cindy at Latex Station is branching out into toys with these glass cages and being a smart designer she had Mija Perfferle build her special Latex Station editions.

Getting the Latex Station version makes a lot of sense as this knocks off more than half the original price, not bad for a bit of good looking advertisment.

You would think that a good looking cage like this would eat a lot of prims but due to the magic of mesh it only costs you about 7 prims.

The cage has a trap mode and timer options to work independently of direct supervision, set up in a public place and see what you might catch. *winks*

The look of the cage can be adjusted to match the look of your home, there are no less than 70 glass colors, 4 glass textures and 5 colors for the frame.

The scripting is very solid and easy to understand and you can see that Mija is a bondage bunny, like the way how your options change when you are inside of the cage.

Name : Latex Station
Owner : Chill3 Mills

Price7 7
Service9 9
Store8 8

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