Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Places - Victoria Academy

During the Femdom Hunt, we came across Victoria Academy and I thought it would be an interesting place to cover.

The faculty was pleasant and helpful, and we got tons of good info from them and the intro cards - from which I’ll steal outrageously to tell you about VA ;)

Victoria Academy - VA for short - is an adult educational establishment open to both male and female students that promotes the use of corporal punishment (spanking/caning/paddling etc...) as a means to impart knowledge and good behaviour on those who attend.

School and spanking roleplay devotees will feel right at home here.

Students are expected to wear the uniform provided and attend classes and/or events when able. Teachers are expected to be able to run at least one group roleplay (lesson) per month as a minimum and contribute to general roleplay outside of this when time permits.

Joining VA is a commitment. There are enough neglected ponies and subs of every other ilk that I believe this is a good thing.

We provide many interesting lessons and clubs and students often attend out of genuine interest rather than simply seeking a spanking.

While the first thing lelo said was “lots of rules, lots of reasons for spankings”, VA does seem devoted to actual learning too.

Victoria Academy isn't...

1) A School/Kindergarten. It is an adult educational establishment. To that end all avatars/students must fulfil the minimum age requirement of 18 years old and must dress and act appropriately.. Child avatars and mid-teens will not be allowed to roleplay on campus or take part in lessons.

I wholeheartedly approve, and in a world where avatars of every shape, size, color, race and description are the norm, the one type that creeps me out is children avatars.

2) A sex sim. Despite being rated as an adult sim, with adult avatars, we ask that any sexual activity/conversations be conducted in IMs and that no such activity take place in open chat or public areas. The campus is not a trawling ground for sexual partners and is monitored closely with any and all complaints acted upon immediately.

That one was a surprise, and it is probably the first adult area where I see such a rule. This being said, if you’re at VA it’s because you want that kind of roleplay, and there are plenty of other sex-ok adult areas.

What can I join VA as?

First off, we suggest you join simply as a visitor and take the time to get to know the campus/people and all that's on offer - a visitor tag gives you full access to all the amenities without having to decide on which role would suit you best. 

Most Dominants apply to be teachers (which allows them to punish students) whilst most submissives apply to be students. 

We also have Prefect and Head of House roles which appeal to Switches as they are allowed to punish students as well as being punished by teachers.

Application forms for all positions are available at the Reception Desk in the Main School Building.

There are rules for students, and rules for teachers. They seem reasonable, and based on experience.

But if you don’t love rules, VA is not for you ;)


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