Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sado and Maso Fetishes - Tube Leather Dress, Latex Pencil Skirt and Latex Boots

We were hanging out at Mesmerize Dungeon, peoplewatching and yakking about this and that when I remarked to lelo that Nadinelina had a nice shiny skirt I didn’t recognize.

Lelo inspected the skirt to determine the designer, when she walked in! We’re not often that lucky, so I pounced mercilessly and said hello. :)

Minxsam was actually someone we had seen around the hangouts, but I didn’t know she had her own store. We got to talking, and she turned out to be a total dear.

She recently moved her store (so make sure to note the new LM in this post) and she invited us to visit at Blacksilk and see if anything else grabbed us.

We returned the next day and found a large, clean store with big couches out in front - suitable for a chat with 15 of your closest friends - and as we were finding cool things we liked… Minxsam walked in again :)

We got the shiny skirt and gradient boots for lelo; gradients are all the rage this season!

This gorgeous leather minidress caught my eye, so here I am. It’s called Tube Dress Leather, clearly inspired by the Kcreations school of naming items ;)

The texture of the leather is big, nearly croco big, but it’s fun. The highlights are very clever, suggesting lighting from above. The back lacing is great, worthy of a corset.

The sizes on the dress are not bad, but not the standard 5. I’m wearing size 2, which pinches a bit, but size 3 floated a bit. Mesh…

Good quality, very reasonable prices. I definitely recommend SAM.

It’s a happy day for us when we discover a new designer in SL and it’s even better if she turns out to be very nice. *smiles*

Introducing Sado and Maso Fetishes by Minxsam or just Sam Huntress. She offers a pretty eclectic collection of things, and as she puts it, stuff i need and like.

I’m wearing the Latex Pencil Skirt, which comes in 7 sizes so it should fit most, but as with most mesh dresses they do have a hard time with my curves, nothing new there.

The folds and shine of the texture look very good and she offers quite a few more of this type of skirt in her shop, so you better give them a look when you are into dresses like these.

Next to the skirt i’m wearing her boots, which are of simple mesh design, but the thing that really grabbed our attention was the way they fade from red to black and still manage to have a great shine.

The boots come in 4 sizes and i’m fitting perfectly in a size 3 so bigger women should be able to wear these as well.

There is no shoe base included in the set, which isn’t strictly necessary when using alphas but if you want that high heeled feeling, better wear some from your other boots.

So good looking gear from a very nice woman at even nicer prices.. go go go… *winks*

Name : Sado and Maso Fetishes
Owner : Minxsam Huntress

Quality8 7
Price8 8
Service9 8
Store8 7

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