Friday, November 15, 2013

Shoetopia Has Begun!

You have to say that in your head with the Mortal Kombat voice: “It has begun!” ;)

The Shoetopia fair which we mentioned Tuesday is now on, until November 30th.

The double sim layout is absolutely gorgeous - shoe heaven, city-of-angels kind of a theme.

We had a little difficulty coming in - too popular, I guess - and the smart fashionista will wait a few days to let the pixel dust settle before visiting. Proving, sadly, that I am not smart ;)

We know very few of the designers at this fair outside of Bax, and perhaps this will lead to posts about cool new stores - but there’s a good bit of non fetish footwear, so then again, maybe not.

Bax’s booth is introducing her new patent leather boot, and is surprisingly fetishy; corsets and boots and things - I won’t spoil it for you, drop by and see it for yourself.

I remind you that the charity of the event is Soles4Souls, so give generously if you can.

Have a great weekend!

Deirdre and lelo

The SLURL for Shoetopia :

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