Monday, December 2, 2013

DeVicious - Christmas Calendar

For the third year, Steph is doing her crazy Christmas countdown: “24 Days - 24 Releases from 0L$ - 99 L$”, as she puts it.

We visited the new store and were impressed by the bright new look. You want light and air, you got it. You want water, you got it too :)

We’ll be covering the awesome new releases a lot, as a lot of those little mesh dresses have tons of great leather textures.

And while new releases are great, discounts on old releases are also pretty terrific.

When you visit the bright new store, make sure to have a peek in the “69 Gets Me Excited” section for past favorites at 69L$ each.

We’ll keep the DeVicious posts down to one a week.. well, we’ll try ;)

Name : DeVicious  
Owner : Steph Catseye  

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