Friday, November 29, 2013

Hugo Party At Latexia Tomorrow

Latexia Space Station, home of the Latex Dolls, sports a nice new dance floor and is getting ready to receive Hugo party hosts for a classic Hugo-sponsored Best in Latex party!

There haven’t been any events at Latexia in a while, so we’re happy to see the Dolls getting back in action.

The party begins Saturday November 30th at 11AM SL time, which works out to 8PM for Europe - you have to guess that most heavy rubber fans are from Over There.

Everyone gets a 250L$ Hugo card, nothing to sneeze at :)

Go, dance, meet the Dolls, wear your best latex, and have fun!

Deirdre and lelo


Correction: We've been advised by The Dolls that events have been going on at Latexia for a year - all we can say is the signs are new ;)

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