Thursday, December 19, 2013

Domina’s Duo - Glance Overknee Leather Boots

Hot off the mesh press, we’re pleased to present the Glance Overknee leather boots by Domina’s Duo.

These are Tawny and Gina’s first laceup boots, and they look very good.

They feature the fashionable current platform look, a sleek tight shape (look at the ankles!) and almond-shape pointed toe.

Great folds and highlights starting at the front make these boots really stand out. No black on black here!

Tawny didn’t even wait for me to ask.. she said, “tell lelo a ballet version is coming in January” ;)

Just in time for the holiday season, Tawny and Gina at Domina’s Duo bring us their Christmas gift for 2013, lovely leather overknee boots.

The leather texture is a bit rough, but that way you can see it’s leather even without zooming in with your nose on the boots, not that we all would mind doing that. *smiles*

There are 7 sizes for the boots, so should fit most in SL, i’m in the biggest size, but then i do have pony legs. *winks*

The boots come with a HUD that lets you personalize them to your personal taste and needs.

You can select one of 24 preset color combinations, but you can also set the colors of all parts separately, using a color scale or rgb settings.

The boots are copy so you can save every option you make for yourself, and when you mess up a pair there is a nice little reset button in the HUD.

So better make some extra room under the christmas tree, these boots come in a big box.

Name : Domina’s Duo
Owners : Tawny Mirror and Gina Lurra

Quality9 9
Price8 8
Service9 7
Store9 7

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