Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Karu Karu - Ilona Holiday Edition

A festive outfit from Karu Karu tonight, this is Ilona, Holiday Edition.

It’s a fun outfit for us because it’s also the first Karu Karu outfit we ever featured, in March 2011 - wow, where does the time go?

This Ilona is a pants-layer only version, so you’ll either want to wear ankle boots or Edit Appearance and shorten pants a bit - you know the drill by now, I'm sure.

Gloves and a shirt-layer top, so lots of room to wear a jacket or coat over it if you get chilly - I wrote that and I just had to throw on my Republica fur jacket from Indyra   ;)

A cool Karu Karu classic, revamped for the season, at a decent price. Grab a mic and do your best Santa Baby karaoke!

You might have noticed that the holidays are coming again and in honor of the festive season Chane at Karu Karu brings us a special holiday season version of Ilona.

Ilona is an oldie but goodie and still very popular catsuit from Karu Karu and this edition comes with a festive fluffy border.

Thankfully Chane took all the extra layers out of the package, so you just get pants, top and gloves, your inventory will be grateful.

You also get Lolas and Phat Azz appliers for those who need more curves in their lives than the Lindens provides us with. *winks*

So get into the festive spirit and slither into this sexy number… happy holidays...

Name : Karu Karu
Owner : Chane Karu

Quality9 9
Price8 8
Service9 8
Store9 9

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