Monday, December 16, 2013

Stroker’s Sexpo - Month Long Adult Expo

We got a tip (we love tips!) from Chill3 Mills of Latex Station - a huge adult expo is coming, and we should come have a peek.

We arrived and saw Cindy putting up shop - I don’t know anyone who works the way she does - the expo starts on the 21st and her shop is already done.

Looking around the cool, incredibly-well-laid-out sim, I was impressed. Broad avenues, cool-looking stores with a retro fifties-diner look (that reminded lelo of the show Reboot!), I instantly liked what I saw.

We have a lot of info to share, so let’s begin:

When: Saturday, Dec. 21 - Wednesday, Jan. 15
What: Stroker's Sexpo, a huge adult commercial fair, with tons of gifts, hunts, a charity auction, and lots and lots more
How: Clothing is optional. I think that’s a first in big SL events we’ve covered :)
Who: Ahh.. now *that* is interesting. Stroker Serpentine, the founding father of adult content in Second Life, making an astounding comeback!

Stroker not only put the event together, he built the sim, and everything on it is mesh. It looks clean and wholesome, a departure from the usual urban decay or space station stuff we see so often.

The sim is separated in four quadrants, called Fashion, Furniture, Fantasy and Farrago (that last means hodgepodge, and I had never heard it!).

We were lucky enough to catch Stroker for an impromptu interview - he mentioned being totally in love with mesh, and the Sexpo signalling his return to SL in a big way.

This is definitely someone we’ll be hearing from again :)

I’ll quote from the notes we received :
“The pinnacle of scheduled events is the charity auction of exclusive items generously provided. One hundred percent of this auction's proceeds will be presented to The Children's Miracle Network in the name of the Second Life Adult Content Community.”

What more do I have to say? Don’t miss it!


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