Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Xalia’s Curiosities - Cuffs and Collar set

Dear Deirdre and Lelo, 

I've been a long time reader of your blog and actually one of my older products, the Rubber Infusions Catsuits, was reviewed around 2010.

You guys have been an awesome source for finding new gear and I was hoping you would review a new item that I've made apart from my partner.

I've been been working on a set of collar and cuff scripts to replace my dependence on OpenCollar for several months now to reduce the over lag associated with these (...)

Thank you in advance.

~Kensuke Leviathan/ Xalia

When we’re tired and frustrated with the work of putting this blog together, a letter like that comes along.. it helps a lot, I’ll admit it :)

Xalia’s Curiosities is not the largest store we’ve featured, and that’s totally cool. You guys would get bored of nothing but Bax and Kcreations in a few months, I’m sure ;)

While OpenCollar is popular enough, anyone making their own scripts to reduce lag has my cheers. Lelo likes them well enough, and they look good.

If you give them a try, leave comments here or send me a message in-world with your feedback, hm?

We received a lovely set of cuffs from Xalia and we didn’t want to keep them from you as i love the look of them, but then i’m that kind of girl. *winks*

The currently available version uses the OpenCollar script we all know and love, but that also has its problems.

Xalia sent us the (at this time) still in development V2 that features a complete new script to replace the OpenCollar one.

I really like that she’s brave enough to script her own collar/cuffs and i must say, even if it’s work in progress it feels solid, is easy to use and she’s open for suggestions. *smiles*

The fitting is pretty straight forward, even if the leg cuffs are pretty big and at an odd angle, she explained that that’s because she was a furry and that it will be fixed in a future update.

The cuffs have a nice and chunky look and you have a choice of 9 colors for the strap and backing and the buckle has 3 color options.

So go and support the brave little designers in SL and if you have any good suggestions for her script, i’m sure she will love to hear from you.

Name : Xalia’s Curiosities
Owner : Xaliadrakes Resident

Quality8 8
Price8 8
Service- -
Store7 7

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