Monday, May 17, 2010

Rubber Infusions - Red Female Catsuit

A cool shiny catsuit from Rubber Infusions, called simply Red Female Catsuit.

We found the (really intricate!) vendor at the entrance of Latexia, and followed a slurl to... another space station ;)

Deshima station is really impressive, but be ready to wait a bit to let it resolve.

Rubber Infusions is a group effort, and their line of products is growing fast : some lovely unscripted collars we saw in the vendor will have what I’m told will be a pretty revolutionary script included soon - I’ll keep you posted.

Matching cuffs are also coming.

About the catsuit : the color is vibrant, the shine is unique, and the price is excellent. What’s not to love?

Well as all you rubber bunnies know, you can’t go without a good catsuit as the base for your outfit.

Well Rubber Infusion offers you a great base for a wonderful outfit.

The thing that is most striking are the reflections and the folds, especially on the top of the legs.

The catsuit comes in: black, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue, purple, pink, white and the red shown here.

You get the catsuits in all layers and they are all copy so you can add this one to many, many outfits.

So add you favorite toys, clothes and boots and you’ll see this is a wonderful base.

Name : Rubber Infusions
Owner : Geenz Spad, Kensuke Leviathan



  1. Deirdre and lelo? Do you get paid for advertising latexia or Kayliwulf Kingdom? If so. Your blog is bias! That's sad. I followed some time your blog...

  2. We do not get paid by anyone. Kayliwulf is the biggest latex store, and Latexia is one of the largest fetish malls; it is natural to report on them first. But we also cover designers that have only a few good items.