Thursday, January 30, 2014

Eclectic Randomness - Obsidian Jouet Doll Avatar

A neat avatar for our doll and android lovers tonight, this is the Obsidian Jouet Doll avatar by Eclectic Randomness.

It has a distinct alien look, with exaggerated wide eyes and thick lips. The head is unrigged mesh, and Winter says that it works with most mesh hair.

Three shapes are included in the box, so if you thought lelo looked a bit short tonight, you were not wrong :)

Lolas Tango! appliers are shown in our pics, and there are tons more: eBoobs Overfilled, Anime, and Naturals; vString Classic and Evo; and Mused Full and MilkMade.

If you look closely, you’ll notice doll joints - they’re easier to see on the lighter versions, of course. Aside from Obsidian, Jouet is available in Shilo (a light pink), Silver, Pearl, Cocoa, and Cosmos.

So just get a flying saucer and get ready for some fun roleplay :)

We had seen the Jouet Doll by Winter Ventura at Eclectic Randomness go by a few times already, but with this Obsidian version we just had to pounce.

Even if Winter doesn’t call it latex, it does look like it so we’ll treat it like that. *winks*

You’ll get a packed folder, containing the mesh head, tintable tattoo layer joints, 3 shapes (i’m wearing the smallest).

There are 12 skins included, with small, normal and busy breast shadows and each with the option if you want your nipples and/or vagina showing.

Then there are boob appliers for most available boobs in SL, once again with an option to show or hide your nipples.

You would think that’s enough, but no, there is more, a lovely little HUD that lets you control the eye and lip color and a choice of 6 different lashes.

Winter also sells a separate applier set for all the other available mesh body parts (like Phat Azz and the AMD baby bump) you can get in SL.

Name : Eclectic Randomness
Owner : Winter Ventura

Quality8 8
Price8 8
Service8 8
Store8 8

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