Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Plausible Body - Harness and Basic Catsuit

A nice mesh harness by Plausible Body tonight.. and as we didn’t want to model it naked, we are also showing you their excellent Basic latex catsuits.

This is a full body harness, made with riveted straps and O rings. Looks pretty plausible to me, too :)

Fit is good, even for a not completely standard body size like mine.

The harness is rigged mesh, so it fits well and moves with the body. The cost of rigged is no resize, but with the five standard sizes included, most should be fine.

Of course, Plausible sells avatars, so if you need a better fit, you have options ;)

The catsuit vendor threw an astonishing 17 color folders at me, one after the other, plop, plop, plop.. fun :) You know in advance, you won’t be quite as shocked as we were.

The suggested prices for the Harness and Basic Catsuit box are very reasonable, so if you have the L$, do support a cool and original SL store.

Another round of open price products from Plausible Body tonight, it still amazes me but it seems it works for them, so there still are people in SL that appreciate hard work.

First item is the mesh harness, which to warn you right now is made for the smaller breasted AV, i had to wear my mesh dress form for this one to fit right.

The harness comes in the 5, Plausible Body, standard sizes and with my reduced breast i’m fitting comfortably in an XS Harness.

You’ll also find two HUD's in the folder, which gives you the opportunity to change the texture, color, shine and opacity of the belts and the rings separately.

The catsuit is a great basic catsuit with a nice dull shine and with a choice of 17 colors there should always be one for you.

So buy, try and pay the girls what you think it’s worth.. they work hard for their money and a brave move like their open price policy should be rewarded.

Name : Plausible Body
Owner : Roslynd Turbo and Emilie Muggins

Quality8 8
Price9 8
Service9 8
Store8 7

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