Thursday, January 16, 2014

Freebies - Patula’s House

I think Patula’s House was a tip, but the note we have is from last March, so whoever sent it, thank you, we love you, ok? :)

There’s quite a few nice shoes and boots at Patulas, although regular readers of this blog will recognize some of the sculpts.

While we love original designers who make everything from scratch pixels, a good texture on a bought sculpt can produce good results, and we don’t mind sharing them when we find them.

Patula’s sells mostly fetish and fashion shoes and boots, with a bit of clubwear. But the part of the store to which we want to direct your attention is the freebies wall on the second floor: 36 items, from shoes and boots to men’s shirts.

You’ll need to join the VIP group to pick them up, but that’s not uncommon, and it’s free.

If you keep an eye on such things, Patula’s is our third new designer this week.. bodes well for the year, doesn’t it? :)

Name : Patula’s House  
Owner : Isabel101 Aeon  

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