Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Feature - Fetish People of Second Life - Melody Thirdborn

A while back, we had the idea to share a bit about the cool fetish-loving people we meet in Second Life - feature people who do fun and unusual things in the fetish scene.

I have a ridiculous friends list full of them, but someone had to be first ;)

Melody Thirdborn caught our eye at Heavy Bondage Club with her latex furry avatar. We said hello - I pounce on everyone I find interesting in SL, it has led to many neat conversations and quite a few friendships :)

Melody, then, assembled her own avatar: the hood, hands and feet are from a DSD Cheetah Avatar, the ears from an EXL fox then a KaS catsuit, an Open Collar, a Lemon Tea neko tail, and eCorp boobs. The eyes she made herself.

She mentioned that the SL fetish avatar mirrors her RL fetishes - she has a latex cat mask she customized in RL as well :)

Melody’s been in Second life for four years, and she got into latex pretty much from the first week. She asked for recommendations about where to shop and hang out, and she was soon rolling.

An early hangout was at Pak, near Marine’s shop - as she says, before fetish people hung out at Mesmerize Dungeon and Heavy Bondage Club. Nowadays she can be seen at HBC, Tai Yong Laboratories, and for peace and quiet, Kelley Park.

Latex furry isn’t Melody’s only look; she made tons of doll avatars, and she participated in the Altertech Bane program, which is now closed, sadly.

One thing Melody told us which is particularly neat to fetish lovers in SL is that she tried SL twice and found it boring - on her third try she dove straight into fetish and never looked back, hence her name, Thirdborn.

The SLURLs to Melody's favorite places in SL:

Marines little shop:

Mesmerize Dungeon:

Heavy Bondage Club:

Tai Yong Laboratories:

Kelley Park:

And one source of influence for her rubber cat avatar:
(You'll need an account to see adult content.)

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