Monday, January 20, 2014

On Playing Fair

You may have seen the book “Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned In Kindergarten”.

You know, things like “Play fair”, “Don’t hit people”, and “Don’t take things that aren’t yours.”

We’ve told you a number of times about the Freedom Continent and Serjourn Daxter, a well-known SL resident who supports adult content - specifically, BDSM and fetish - with pretty much her every hour in-world.

Search for the first name Serjourn in SL and you’ll see exactly two people; not what you’d call a big crowd. (In contrast, there are seven pages of Deirdre’s).

So running into someone using a two-week old account called SerjaurnDaxter Resident was a pretty bad surprise.

We saw her at a fetish hangout, with an avatar looking a lot better than most two-week olds we meet. No great powers of deduction were needed to guess the account is an alt.

What is this person thinking? It’s difficult to tell. It can’t be fraud, or other deception - it won’t work on any but the rankest SL beginners.

What do you call someone who causes you a loss but gains nothing from it? Well I know how professor Carlo M. Cipolla calls them.

The Lindens, as usual, were ponderously unhelpful. Pray, pray, wherever you live, that the police never starts treating muggings as a “dispute between residents”. Serjourn has abuse reports open, but she’s not holding her breath.

So. “SerjaurnDaxter Resident”, go back to kindergarten, hm? And learn not to take things that aren’t yours.

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  1. As the real Serjourn Daxter's first girl, I found that thing upsetting to say the least.