Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tami’s - Garter Dress

We got a call from Tamina Boa two days ago - so this is as hot-off-the-press as we could make it, ok?

Kirsten beat us to it by a few months and she takes great (materials enabled!) pics so we’re not jealous. One bit. Really. ;)

Tami's Garter Dress matches Bax’s beautiful gradient-color Regency boots, and not by accident, either.

Well, Bax herself made a point of matching Hugo colors with previous releases, so it’s clearly a smart thing to do.

This is a really cool mesh minidress, and the big latex garter belt turns into an accent for the skirt - that’s really original.

The top has a fun outside accent too, almost looking like a vest from the sides... oh, and Canadian-winter-sized nipple bumps ;)

PS: we're being asked when we'll switch to the materials-enabled Firestorm. I say,"When it comes out of beta." Folks on the support channel gave us the following help:
[15:45] Deirdre Young: (FS 4.4.2s) Anyone know when the new viewer should come out of beta?
[15:46] Amaya Summers: Deirdre when it's ready.. no ETA
[15:46] Jodi Nikolaidis: (FS 4.5.2a) Deirdre:  "When its ready!"

Fun little mesh dress tonight, by a newbie to our blog, Tamina Boa with her Tami’s label.

Tamina made the dress to match the Bax Regency color faded boots in white/black, mint/black, red/black and blue/black.

She was even nice enough to add the LM to Bax in the package so you can get the matching boots.

The dress comes in 7 sizes so it should fit most in SL, you might have to make your boobs a bit smaller as i had to, but i’m sure you’ll have a shape for that when you are as boobelishious as i am. *winks*

 Tamina’s store is still new, so beware of wet paint - well actually it offers only a few items so as an exception we’ll point you to marketplace, keep an eye on Tamina, we will, she shows a lot of promise.

Name : Tami’s
Owner : Tamina Boa
The SLURL :  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Da%20Vinci%20Isle/63/142/33
The Marketplace Link :

Quality 8 8
Price  88
Service  8-
Store 77

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