Tuesday, January 14, 2014

PsiCorp - Wildgasmasks KG1

Another cool item we spotted at Domme a Domme - for a hangout which is not exclusively fetish, there sure is a lot of good-looking stuff worn there :)

PsiCorp makes a number of furry and anthro-based products, but what caught our eye was the Wildgasmask KG1.

This is a mesh version of a RL product - always a fun thing - made with permission of the creator. The Web site for the latex items is http://www.wildgasmasks.com

Psistorm did a lot more than just photocopy the existing item, however. The beautiful textures he added make an incredible difference. Plain black latex is lovely, no question, but see the cheetah texture in our second pic to see what I mean. (Note - Psi pointed out there are in fact more textures on the RL mask. I plead Blonde Confusion.)

Pictured here is the mask without the rear hood part visible; to give you a good idea of the shape and the straps, lelo took off her own hood - ear fetishists will be thrilled ;)

The mask is made for human heads, but as it's fully resizeable, it will fit furries, so you can adjust it for your sweetie’s head if she has a muzzle.

There are other designs than the cat, and we’ll be showing them to you in coming weeks. One is in the works and should be popular with many of our readers, tease tease ;)

As you enter the store, turn left for Accessories - the masks are on the far left wall on the ground floor. Note that this is a very adult store.

Something different tonight, how about a mask and not just any mask, but an animal mask, made by Psistorm Ikura at PsiCorp.

The mask comes in 2 versions, one as a full rubber hood and the other comes with straps to keep it on your face.

There are 10 color variations of the mask, all sold separately or in one big pack, which is considerably cheaper than getting all the separate masks.

You can add hoses leading to a filter on your back to make it a real gas mask.

The mask has a simple menu that lets you control the breath clouds the mask produces and gives you the possibility to change the color of the eye lenses.

So want something completely different that you can also wear in RL, go see PsiCorp, hope you aren’t too squirmish, as like Mistress said, it’s a very adult store.

Name : PsiCorp
Owner : Psistorm Ikura
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/MF%20Industries/203/33/22


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