Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Darkadia - New And Improved Again!

We hadn’t dropped by Darkadia in a long time. Story of our life, it sometimes seems.

While having a peek at the Latex Web store the other day, lelo and I were seriously impressed by the new look of the place, so we decided to snap a few pics and share them with you.

First one is from the landing zone, and you get a peek at the central social area and the tall lanterns above it. This is the place to sit and enjoy pole dances or fairly kinky bondage mats on the center stage.

Water is omnipresent on Darkadia, and the bridge of gates leading to the store is a strong reminder.

Striking view as you make your way in from the social area to the store itself, The Latex Web.

We’ve featured some beautiful designs from here, and we’re looking forward to seeing what new creations emerge from Mariko’s fertile mind. You know, aside from the sim ;)

If the Michael Manning-inspired imagery is not enough to draw you to Darkadia, the sim-wide ponycart track might.

It’s high enough above the land to make a cart ride a real visual treat. Invisible walls assist nervous ponies, so don’t worry about falling.

Do visit Darkadia, and if you peek around with a little determination, you should find the hidden play spaces - and have fun. :)


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