Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sinha Hynes - Hawk Hood

We were sitting at Domme a Domme and noticed a lovely ponygirl, all in white with lots of Rosal corsetry, a striking head harness.. and a lovely open-face hood matching the rest perfectly.

The hood turned out to be the Hawk Hood, created by Aleda Koba, and scripted and sold by Sinha Hynes.

Aleda happened to be on, so I gave her a call and we chatted a bit. Turns out she reads us, “when she remembers” ;) Seriously, it’s nice that we’re starting to be known - it does make the calls easier.

Sinha sells the hood and the revenue supports Stones n Rubber, an important fetish sim, so we’ll call the slightly high price a donation to keep things running.

The hood is definitely meant to be worn with head harnesses: the vendor pic shows a Maison Broceliande harness, and Beauty was wearing a Mesmerize Dungeon head harness when we saw her.

My impression was that the Rosal collar, Hawk Hood and harness were made for each other. The official Deirdre Mix And Match Award goes to Beauty!

Thank you to Countess Oxana Karu and her lovely pony Beauty (traum Magic) for their kind help with this post.

A lovely bit of sculpted mesh tonight, coming from Stone N Rubber one of the few remaining hard core pony sims in SL.

The fit is pretty good and the hood is easy to adjust, using the normal SL editing tools, with a small alpha hiding the ears, i’m sure prince Charles would love to have one of those. *winks*

When you wear the hood it gives you a HUD to wear, RLV users won’t even notice this step, that will block your view according to the level set by the hood.

Clicking the hood gives you access to a clean looking menu that offers you 4 steps of opacity, from transparent to full blind.

A control button lets you check for updates, lock the hood and check if the HUD is worn, the owner button is pretty much self explanatory.

Finally there is the color button, which lets you color the hood in 68 different colors all with a nice latexy shine.

So get over to Stone N Rubber and get your own and while you are there give the sim a look it a great lovely place, with some kinky play on offer.

Name : Sinha Hynes
Mesh : Aleda Koba
Scripts : Sinha Hynes

Quality8 8
Price7 7
Service8 8
Store7 7

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