Wednesday, February 12, 2014

PsiCorp - Wildgasmask JG1

Another Wild gasmask from PsiCorp, this is the JG1, or jackal gasmask. Wear this one and you can do a fair Anubis cosplay ;)

The ears on this one will make you really tall. I took a 3/4 picture of lelo so you’d get an idea of the proportions… remember, she’s not short.

Second pic is without the rear part of the mask, and eyes transparent so you can see what’s going on.

There are tons of coloring options in the Big Pack box for this mask; you’ll be able to match pretty much anything you want to wear with it. There are also plainer versions: classic egyptian, or all black.

Remember, you can get the RL version - why not wear that while you wear your SL version? :)

The second instalment of the PsiCorp gasmasks, again an animal themed mask, but the JG1 is one big gasmask, no hiding this one. *winks*

The JG1 comes in 4 versions with 4 option for each version, there is the standard black version, the Egypt in black and white and the electric EL version.

The Egypt version gives you a great Anubis look, which should also work if you want to play on a Stargate sim.

Each version can be worn as a full hood or with straps and the hoses with the filter are optional as well.

Clicking and holding the mouse on the mask opens the menu, which gives you control over the color, shine and opacity of the eye lenses and you can turn off the breathing vapours here as well.

Amazingly well sculpted mask that should turn some heads when worn, just ignore the private parts when you go and get the mask… *smiles*

Name : PsiCorp
Owner : Psistorm Ikura

Quality8 8
Price8 7
Service8 -
Store8 8

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  1. The awesome thing about the Mask to me is that ... well ... you can pretty much mod ist as much as you want. I added it to an cyber-glossy-furry-armor-whatever-outfit (/me is human 99% of the time) and with the new advanced rendering and material options it just looks stunning. Even without using textures like in these pictures (the avatar shown is not using any textures at all)