Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hyperion Creations - Dollarbies

We ran into our friend Rikki Scarmon at Domme a Domme, and I noticed she was wearing some lovely shoes by Hyperion Creations.

I won’t say money changed hands (cause none did) but a landmark was shared and we dropped by Gaelle’s little store.

The dollarbies at the entrance caught my eye, so instead of telling you about Rikki’s shoes I’ll mention those. Simply join the VIP group and you can get them for a Linden dollar a pair.

We were lucky enough to run into Gaelle tonight, and said hello. She recently released a couple of fun texture packs for her platform sandals (“Sharon”) - definitely have a look at those while you’re there

Also, she’s looking for a scripter who speaks French. Tell your friends to tell your friends, s’il vous plaît :)

Name : Hyperion Creations
Owner : Gaelleminois

Quality8 8
Price10 10
Service9 -
Store7 7

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