Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lady Anne's Latex Emporium - The Gimp

We like hot off the press, but new is not the only virtue an outfit can have.

I suggested to Anne that since The Gimp had been sitting in lelo’s closet for a while, it might be fun to offer it at a discount to make it more interesting.

She pounced on the idea and slashed the price down to 99L$. So our 14th Lady Anne post is a cool SLFF discount event :)

Let’s make it an informal Midnight Madness kind of thing, hm? Tell your friends to tell your friends. If it’s popular, I’m sure it’ll happen again, Anne is smart :)

The outfit itself is made for play. Lots of openings on appropriate layers, plus “concealer layers for less adult environments”, as the description says.

Dungeon basics is a great idea, I’d say. Add footwear, a few restraints, and you’re there.

A simple, basic, must-have for every slave in SL, you can’t be without a black catsuit and a hood in this crazy place.

In the box you will find a tattoo layer catsuit leaving your breasts and nether region bare, you will also find pants and top to cover those up, i see some RPing coming up.

Then there is the hood and its alpha to hide your head. Be aware that the alpha won’t hide your eyes, so they could become part of frightening look.

The hood takes a bit of fiddling to get right and a collar should cover up the neckline, i’m sure most of you will have a few of those. *winks*

So no surprises from Anne, basic dungeon wear, that requires you to add the play, for a very friendly price, even better now.

Name : Lady Anne's Latex Emporium
Owner : Anne Chaminade Royce-Harker

Quality7 7
Service8 7
Store8 7

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