Wednesday, March 19, 2014

PsiCorp - HG1 Gasmask

The third (and currently final) WildGasmask from PsiCorp is the horse head gasmask, HG1.

This is a large and impressive mask, whether you wear it with the tubes or without.

I like the big eyes and ears. This is a mask that really changes a pony’s silhouette so that they’re visibly pony-like even from a distance.

Make sure you see the RL store making these things. Here’s the direct link to the horse head mask:

Oddly, I didn’t find the vendor next to the other two at the PsiCorp store, but I enquired with Psistorm - I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime here’s the Marketplace link to the two-color BigPack :

Tonight's item is another WildGasmask by Psistorm from PsiCorp which should be popular for the ponyplay crowd.

As it is a well-shaped horse head and it seems that this is getting more popular among the ponies in SL, just have a look in the stable at Stone n’Rubber.

The mask comes in two colors, white and black. Both can be worn with a full hood or straps behind the head.

They are sold separately or you’ll get a nice 200 L$ saving when you go for the big(ish) pack.

The hoses can be added to the mask as a separate object, making the look much more hardcore.

As with the other two masks by PsiCorp you can use the menu to change the color, shine and opacity of the eyes and can you turn the breathing on and off.

Name : PsiCorp
Owner : Psistorm Ikura

Quality8 8
Price8 7
Service8 -
Store8 8

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