Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Real Restraints - Body Harness

Marine’s latest release is a classic, O-ring and leather Body Harness. Simple name, nice and clean product.

Part of the harness is fitted mesh: the vertical strap below the middle ring, to be precise.

The rest is non-rigged mesh, fairly easy to adjust. In fact, Marine gives detailed instructions on adjusting your harness one strap at a time. (That will produce a better fit than you see in our pics - our very short production time, sadly, will do that.)

There’s a ton of goodies in the harness, including a leash handle giver. There were a few small bugs in early releases - if you have them, read the details here and fiddle if you like, or simply visit one of Marine’s updaters.

Our colleague (or esteemed competition, if you like) Aria Warden did a nicely detailed review, as she usually does. Do visit her blog and have a look!

Miss RLV, Marine Kelley, for those who have been living in a dark dungeon for the last years, has come out with a new harness.

Coming from Marine you are assured of the usual RLV abilities and follows the script layout we have come to know for years now.

The new features are that the harness is making use of the latest fitted mesh for part of the harness.

This part works great, adjusting the standard rigged parts to it takes a bit more work, Marine has chosen this way of working to give you the ability to adjust the upper part to lolas or tight corsets.

The second new feature is the fact that you can adjust tint and the pattern on the harness.

There are 35 preset colors, but you also get the option to enter the RGB code of your own favorite color.

With pattern you can add seams, studs or text to you harness, always with the option to interchange the background and text color.

So in all a very nice harness that should match any outfit you have, just plan some time to adjust it perfectly to your body.

Name : Real Restraints
Owner : Marine Kelley
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pak/76/61/105

Quality8 8
Price8 8
Service9 9
Store8 8

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