Thursday, March 6, 2014

ZerO - Officer Down! Mesh Cap - Iron Sky

Now, nobody likes a good military cap more than I do…

We found this one with our favorite shopping method, sitting in a good hangout and watching well-dressed people go by ;)

The ZerO Officers Down! Iron Sky cap is a beautiful un-rigged mesh officer’s cap, with a color-change HUD; braid and leaves only - nobody wants a green cap ;)

Hud colors are green, red, blue, purple, gold, black (well, same very dark grey as the cap) and silver, shown here.

Seriously, you could use the colors to indicate ranks or such in roleplay.

This is a beautiful, detailed item. It’s a piece of cake to resize and fit, and is probably my new favorite - regular readers know I have quite a collection of these :)

Another Domme a Domme find, seems we are finding more there than in most malls we visit.

Rei smartly maneuvers around the sticky past of these caps by calling them militant and pointing to the Iron Sky movie instead of the past.

The cap finishes a black leather outfit off nicely, giving it a very dominant feel, just don’t go for the complete uniform that give the wrong impression, it’s a fine line.

ZerO offers a wide variety of eclectic items, seems we found another designer who builds for her own fun and fetish.

Sadly Rei doesn’t have a store in SL at the moment so we’ll give you a Marketplace URL for a change.

Name : ZerO
Owner : Rei Requiem
The MarketURL :

Quality9 9
Price8 8
Service9 -

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