Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Brii Underground Wear - "Mesh Ultimate" ankle boots

Some really hot ankle boots from Brii tonight - not a fetish store but still, awesome eighties ankle boots with tons of straps and spikes and rhinestones, and one of my favorite heels in SL so far - these are the Mesh Ultimate Ankle Boots.

They’re really inexpensive, too - 144L$ for one pair, 288L$ for the seven-color set. It’s a texture-change HUD so I had to wear a DeVicious dress to match ;)

The resize script does one boot at a time, so keep track of your changes ;) The script tells you the current scale so that’ll help.

The boots are unrigged mesh, so you can adjust them to your favorite way to wear them.

The colors are vibrant, and even the black is not the dead black we see all too often in SL. lelo jokes that some designer’s monitors must be set too bright ;)

Inexpensive, mesh, gorgeous shape, skyscraper heels.. do I need to tell you to pounce?

We were chatting away at Domme a Domme as we noticed these boots worn by Mina Keng, we never really stop working, you know. *winks*

A quick inspect brought us to the store of Brianna, Brii Underground Wear, The sim is pretty busy so better plan in some time for shopping here.

On the second floor you will find a nice collection of original boots and shoes and these are also very nicely priced. *smiles*

She offers the boots separately or for the price of 2 boots you get all 7 colors in a texture change option, your inventory will love you for that.

We’ll be keeping an eye on Brianna, the combination of original content and low prices is hard to beat.

Name : Brii Underground Wear
Owner : Brianna Passiflora

Quality9 8
Price9 9
Service9 -
Store8 8

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