Thursday, September 25, 2008

Minx Shoe Designs : Pump, "Sweet As Sin"

Minx shoes and boots have fun names. This pump is called "Sweet As Sin", and it is :)

Excellent heels are a Minx trademark. These folks understand stilettos like few other designers in SL do.

Great design, nice textures giving realistic reflections.. sadly, the nice heel-clicking sounds that come built-in with most Minx boots isn't available in these shoes.

Very good store layout, you will find what you're looking for with one glance at the well-labeled sections.

No opinion on service, I never had any trouble.

Prices are a little high, but for good value, we don't mind... too much ;)

i love the heel design of these pumps, as with most Minx shoes made with great attention to detail, with these pumps Mistress's lovely legs look even longer than they already are.

The shoes are no-trans but Minx offers a gift service where you pay Nikki directly and tell her who you want to send which shoes and she takes care of the rest.

Designer : Nikki Clayton

The store is here :

Deirdre lelo
Quality 9


Price 76


Store 88

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