Friday, September 26, 2008

Sn@OKs : Lady Zora in Latex

Deirdre :
I don't know who Lady Zora is, but she has great taste. I saw someone wearing this outfit at Bondage Ranch, and I thought, "Me want!"

So a quick right-click, inspect (oh, come on, we all do it.. it's harmless snooping) revealed it was made by Sn@oks. Search, teleport... but once in the store, finding the outfit took ten minutes.

This was a few months back. As lelo and I returned to the store to have a peek before writing this piece... we searched for the outfit for 10 minutes. Yes, again.

Now, I know good store layout is a challenge. Sn@oks has a lot of outfits. But the place is literally like a maze. All the sections look the same, no signs anywhere, and the grouping by category is a little... mysterious.

I don't think you should find things despite store layout. I think store layout should help you find things.

All that aside, this outfit has some of the best leather textures I've seen. The corset is really eye-catching, the boots are pretty good (except the foot, but you mix and match your favorites there - I use Minx) and the arm and leg straps are fun extras, at a very reasonable price.

The cape caught my eye first, though.. I *love* capes. This one is big and full, and falls like capes should and never do in real life.

A great outfit for any fetish occasion.. except dancing ;) No, just take off the cape, silly.

This Sn@Oks outfit is very sexy without being slutty, the cape gives it a very domme look, though i would recommend wearing it with other boots or as Mistress does it with other prim heels.

Complete it with a whip on your hip and the subs will be laying at your feet. Next to the great looking leather texture the one thing that really makes this outfit is the lovely cape, it's multi layered and has a very good looking collar.

Look on the second level for some nice freebies and a place to camp.

The store : Sn@oks
The owner : Hendrik Snook

Deirdre lelo
Quality 8


Price 8


Store 44

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