Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bobbysocks boots: Wrapped & Strapped

A very good leather texture, shines and reflections in just the right places. These boots caught my eye when I saw someone wearing them at a club. There's no envy in SL.. I jumped right to the store and bought myself a pair.

An important note : Bobbysocks does not design for the slim girl. The pair I bought first were the normal ones, and I only saw the (slightly slimmer) *petite* version after buying :(

The owners were quite good about the exchange. I even got a fitting of sorts by giving my shape - which I wasn't especially thrilled about, but understood. The boots came back unchanged as far as I could tell, and I was told they would need to be re-done for my shape.

This being said, I'm not unhappy with them. If they were mod and copy (and no transfer, natch), I might experiment with sizing... hint hint, designers! ;)

So. Gorgeous straps all over, down to the heels, which are way cool. Great boot shape for a curvier girl. Definitely a part of your wardrobe if you like good leather. Totally suitable for bike babes. Hey, Motor Loon, make a deal with these folks!

The store is something of a maze, but I'm starting to see that it takes extraordinary efforts to avoid that. There is a fixed TP point, a new development, I believe.

I don't care for that, personally. Landmarks let you find things again in a store. The Wrapped & Strapped thigh boots in *petite* size are at 143,177,28 and the normal (I say, large) size are at 143,196,28.

These boots have a great look. The folds on the foot give a very realistic look, the heels are simple but fit the boot well and they are covered by the strap. The strap and the fold-down top really give these boots their unique look.

Like Mistress already pointed out, the boots are quite large, look for the *petite* version if your shape is normal to small - you can always try the free demo boot to see how it looks on you. And ask the owners about their fitting service.

A final nice thing about these boots it that they are transferable: good for gifts, sharing between friends and between alts. A great extra you don't get with many designers these days.

They offer a great selection of leather wear at the shop, finding it is another thing, and the theme of the store will not be to every ones taste.

The store name : The Bobbysocks Shoppe
The owners : Bad Bobbysocks, Beyond Bobbysocks.
The SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Demented%20Isle/202/146/29


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