Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bound and Determined

One of those rare fetish / bdsm social spots like Bondage Ranch. You see the occasional naked newbie, but eh, they're everywhere ;)

A good number of play areas scattered around, a mall or two. Lots of room to sit, a few good snuggle poses on the sofas.

Not that much to say, one of those good spots to know and visit for socializing or people watching.

a second great place brought to you by Kailani from Twisted Orchid, it services the opposite side of the bdsm lovers. There are no managers, no paid dancers or big events.

It's more like the bondage ranch, a meeting place for like minded people, and where the ranch is mostly quiet, bound is full of chatter.

the place sits in the center of a mall with the usual stores, the real center is an open yard with seats and sofas, there are also a couple of dance poles with free for all tip jars.

But the real fun are the numerous little rooms for all kinds of play, from a barn with a dog and horse, a kitchen, an alley... and loads more, most filled with all kinds of fun toys.

We mostly visit this place just to relax, chat and watch people go by.. you never know what catches your eye

Name : Bound and Determined
Owner : Kailani Ling

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