Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cipher : Riders Jacket Busta - Black

A leather jacket should not be a coat of paint. Leather jackets have bulk, mass, solidity. They creak, squeak, and stand between you and the elements. Such is the case with the Cipher jacket.

I think a prim jacket must be a difficult project, because you don't see so many around.

The cut is bolero-like, short-ish.. and I love the straps everywhere. The perfect jacket to wear over a catsuit, it has become a mix and match staple of my wardrobe.

There are other colors, and the price is quite reasonable.. I may get the white one, just for a change :)

If I could wish for something, it would be a slightly shinier leather texture, with fold effects and so on.. maybe next season?

The store is well laid-out, easy to browse and cool-looking.

First full prim jacket i've seen and it looks great, i guess it's a huge prim load, but it's worth it.

Bending all those prims to get them in this shape must have been quite some work, but prim wise there isn't one placed wrong.

Only little point of critique is the difference in texture on some of the prims, this shows the most on the shoulders.

Even with this very small "fault" the best looking leather jacket in SL, at least as far as i have seen, if you have a better one please let us know or even better send us one *winks*

Name : .+*Cipher*+.
Owner : Cipher Ivory


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