Friday, October 24, 2008

DXD : freebie Mistress heels

A very nice shoe, with detailed prim work. It's free, the best advertising possible.

This said, the texture is black on light black, with some black highlights.

See the end of this post for a Photoshop-lightened version to show the admirable work that went into this shoe, which you might otherwise miss.

The astute (and regular) reader of this blog may have noticed that I'm not wild about platforms. Well, there you go. If you noticed, you're astute. But this shoe does look pretty wicked, and will make you a foot or so taller, never a bad thing.

The spurs on the Mistress version are awesome. You'd kill any poor slave you stabbed with these in real life, but in Second Life, there's no such thing as excess.

The slave version has heel rings instead of the spurs, which I've only seen in fifties bondage drawings (Stanton and friends). Instant classic!

So there you go. Get the shoes, be the envy of your friends, and drop casually in conversation that they were free... and Deirdre and lelo told you about them ;)

Simply the best looking freebies shoes in SL, it's hard to believe they give them away.

The shoes have a very high platform and some killer heels, 3 buckles and some good looking laces, the Mistress version has some nice spurs and the slave version some d-rings.

As these are the freebie versions the texture is very plain, the retail version offers a somewhat better texture, but the are pretty much black on black low contrast.

The slave version comes with a simple RLV locking script, but the retail version has a more elaborate menu driven control system. But i'll go into the workings of those when i get my hands on a pair of them.

The store has a nice lay out in a slight Japanese style, it's small but the rezzing displays of the shoes are great, much better than those static pictures on most vendors.

Name : The Dominatrix shop of DXD
Owner : Xene Demina


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